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Japa Learning Kit

$310.00 $289.00 / year

Physicist and Vedic Scholars know all matter, our entire Universe is made of Vibrational Energy. This energy and the ability to harness its powers is given to Japa Students as a baseline for instruction for sustaining a life-time practice…this is the value of The Japa Yoga Learning Kit.

You will learn a sequence of asana (and mini-sequences) that will give you energy to practice and move into a life-time daily practice. Time tested, ancient knowledge brought out of the Vedic tradition with a contemporary voice. In addition, The Learning Kit includes rare melodic Vedic Hymns at the end of the Japa Session which delivers a profound level of rest to the practitioner, thus bringing “Unstressing” to one physiology which giving much needed deep rest.

Includes professionally recorded audio CDs containing personal instruction from America’s foremost authority in Japa Yoga.



Here’s how you subscribe / enroll to the School of Likhita Yoga .

This School is based on the efficiencies of Quantum Laws and Vedic Laws of Instructional.  All learning is from a qualified master level instructor.

You enroll for one year to the Likhita Online Studio.  Your enrollment gives you access to classes streamed live Mon thru TH (12 – 20min.)  All classes are hosted by Americas foremost authority in Likhita Yoga, Richard Esquinas.

The Likhita School gives beginning with advanced training in Likhita Yoga, Yogic Journaling, the writing of Sutras and mantras, incorporating yogic journaling, breathing techniques, access to pundits chanting rare Vedic hymns.  You will learn the inner secrets to manifesting circumstances in life, for the rest of your life.

(pic of RE in Studio)

Your one enrollment into The Likhita School includes access to coveted and powerful Sutras and mantras and access to Master Level Instruction for refining and owning for life this powerful practice of Likhita Yoga—-The New form of Meditation, a contemporary practice based on ancient and proven, systematic techniques.  Hi Touch for our Hi-Tech World.

Most importantly, The Likhita School gives you the practicum of Likhita in a warm and protected environment as you acquire the skills needed.

Your onetime fee of $289 enrolls you for one year, delivers within  48 hours your Likhita Workbook, and gives you live streaming sessions M-Th with Instruction hosted by  Siddha-Yogi, Richard Esquinas. Your one-time enrollment fee assures you the instruction, the time to become a certified Likhita Practitioner, a yogic journaling Master.

Further, you will be given access to “students only” weekly chat room. Likhita Yoga


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